Wirht juggles with fish

A culinary coddling. You could leave it to Jethro Wirht. The new chief of Rumors Lounge Cafe organizes on January 30th, a theme night with fish and seafood. The menu sounds delicious mouthwatering.

Like the Iron Chef of these might be expected, he presents a fusion between the Surinamese, Caribbean and international cuisine. The dinner consists of three courses. The main course is à la carte.

The starter is a Caribbean callaloo soup. Callaloo is a leafy vegetable in the region that is very similar to tayerblad. The broth is drawn from warm fish and served with visfritters (fritters). The first main course is Su Fish Kebab; fish fillet on a skewer with fresh vegetables, served with garlic sauce, shrimp sauce and / or lemon butter sauce. Additionally, Wirth is a moot bangbang marinated in a home made jerk seasoning, fried and served with shrimp sauce and a melon salsa. The third main course was salmon, flavored with lemon honey marinade, served with local vegetables. The king lobster dish is prepared with indigenous herbs and spices. This special, the guest must make reservations two days in advance. The dinner will conclude with a ginger biscuit brownie, served with vanilla ice cream, crumbs butter piping, and a Borgoesaus dawetcrème.

The dishes can be paired with different wines, but guests have to pay for it separately.

The Fish & Seafood Night is the fourth theme evening Wirth at Krasnapolsky. For the organization of this special activities chef poses critical feedback from guests very much. "I'm getting my guests to gauge how they found the evening. And what could have been done better or differently, "he says.

For further details, reservations and prices, guests can visit Krasnapolsky. -.


Bitter vegetables

Jethro Wirth excels in the rediscovery of Surinamese ingredients. He presents real fusion cuisine, which he combines the fine local cuisine with culinary creations from across the borders. His current experiments focus on bitter vegetables such as antroewa, sopropo and bitawiri. "I want to do something different with these vegetables, so it tastes less bitter and yet retains the vitamins. So we see that things could be different, "he said in an earlier interview. -.