From burgerboy to winner of Bergendal Amazon Flavors.

"Hard work" and "perseverance" are the words that adorn his facebook page. Jethro Wirth has his opportunity fully utilized during the Iron Chef Battle at Bergendal Amazon Flavors. Amid international competition he won the big game on November 3.

The focus of the competition this year was known and lesser-known herbs from the Amazon. Of the six chiefs who were shooting at each other, the first and second courses of Wirht as best judged on taste, creativity and presentation. In an interview, the chef of Surinamese soil tells more about his profession and his personal development as a chef.

How did you prepare for this race?
"I have no preparations to do because I'm really only a month started to work at Krasnapolsky. I had been constantly composing menus and have the organizational Amazon Flavors helped when a call is made on me. But now it appears that the experience has been valuable. During the Taste of The Caribbean in Miami earlier this year I used that knowledge. In the Caribbean game, I won silver in the category Chef of the Year. Now I know exactly what is expected of me, I'm going for gold next year. "

You surprised everyone with your participation in the Iron Chef Battle. Did you consciously chosen?
"I also have visited this event. Previous year I then followed the workshops and seminars of the master chefs. Very interesting. But when I was there as a representative of the Surinamese culinary team. This year Krasnapolsky appeal to me made to represent the company. I decided to go. "On this challenge

How did your career begin?
"About seven years ago I started as a burger boy at Lings Food Corner. That was after my AMS period. I briefly had a time-out to have studied. Tight after three years I decided to go to work. "Who knows falls with it, 'I told myself. Moreover, I have always loved food. So I approached my aunt who is co-owner of Lings Food Corner. And that was the beginning of my career. "

From burger boy to winner of Bergendal Amazon Flavors.
"Yes, but that was not always smooth sailing. Having grilled civilians six months, I decided that I wanted more. I studied with Marcel Wittenberg (chef / owner of Baka Photo, ed.) That was cooks level 1. Advice of Wittenberg, I did an internship at Tora Rica. That was my first professional experience in the hotel industry. My internship was successfully completed. To me was then asked if I wanted to have in the company. Permanent employment I said right yes! But after having worked for eighteen years Torarica I got an urge me to continue to specialize. "

Why did you choose when looking for a training in Barbados?
"I did a lot of research to find. Appropriate school In the Netherlands, the training was expensive because you had to have a separate account as a guarantee. In America, the training was expensive: USD 30,000 per year. I could not afford. When my mother advised me to go to a school in the region to look. Ultimately, the choice to Barbados fell. My father suggested that, because I went there often still on vacation. He even brought me to go for my anniversary, so I could visit them. School It was a hotel with a school, so you could directly practical way. "

Was it easy to move on?
"Obedient I enrolled in that school in Barbados. It soon turned out that I had to call to check whether I was accepted daily. So at one point recognized the switchboard my name and voice as I called. They said, "Oh, mister Jefro from Suriname." It really seemed to be before I finally heard that I was allowed an eternity. Very excited I went to Barbados in 2008. My study of two and a half years I have been successfully completed. I then internship at Tora Rica and during my studies I worked for Hilton Barbados. I was pantry chef, I was in charge of the cold kitchen. In Barbados, I've also played projects with other chefs. Then I went to America in 2010 where I have gained experience as a chef round six months. I returned to Barbados for my graduation. When I had my diploma, I rushed me back to Suriname. At Courtyard by Marriott, I was given the opportunity to show my skills. I was appointed as a kitchen supervisor. "

Who in your family you are inspired to cook to?
"Where do I start? The real interest in food I adopted my grandmother when I was captured. As a child with my sister after school by her My parents worked every day to four hours and grandmother used to cook for us. We were always playing on the stairs and while Grandma was busy in the kitchen, I admired her. Occasionally an appeal was made to us to help stir, licking the pot or to convert. Bouillon cube in a food There grew my love of food. "

On Carifesta have you done Popki Patu. How was that experience?
"It's my first time that I've cooked with children. So it was a bit heavy. But I love children and would really interest them. That was really creative. Playfully have Tirzah Braumuller and I taught the children hygiene. Furthermore, we have them cut vegetables and they help in the preparation of tubers. I would like to reiterate that project. Perhaps when it's vacation. During the Easter holidays I will try to keep. Mini workshops with children It's always good to inspire children. "

What is your ultimate goal?
"Setting up a restaurant. One thing that Surinamese fusion cuisine offering. At this moment I am experimenting with Surinamese bitter vegetables such antroewa, sopropo and bitawiri. I want to create something different with these vegetables to make it less bitter taste and yet retains the vitamins, so that one sees that things can be different. "

What do you definitely not eat?
"That does not exist for me, I eat everything. I'd yet to discover. "

Which one can wake up at night to make you at midnight?
"Saotosoep! My mother's saotosoep. I can eat three servings at that time. Eat it now, when I talk about it. My mother is of Creole descent, but even Javanese  talk about saotosoep of my mother. She makes everything from scratch ".. -.